Our Team  

"The one challenge was stepping out and letting go of fear." Courtney Davis 

Courtney Davis 

Founder and Head of School AMS EC Certification BS, Murray State  

Montessorian Courtney Davis founded Urban Community Montessori (UCM) after teaching at a well known Montessori school for 15 years. Starting a Montessori school in the city limits of Birmingham was a long time dream for Courtney. She recognized the need for accessible and equitable Montessori opportunities for under-served and underrepresented families, especially in black and brown communities. Courtney believed that in order to break down these socio-economic barriers in Montessori education, there would need to be an intentional move to bridge the gap. Providing a sliding scale model to all families would be the link to diversifying the community at UCM.  Courtney along with a small group of families laid the foundation for Urban Community Montessori in August 2021. 

Anna Wingo, Primary and Environmental Education 

Anna's first experience working in a Montessori environment was in Nashville, TN. After finishing her undergraduate degree at Belmont University, she returned back to Birmingham where her eyes were opened to environmental education at McDowell Environmental Center. She also reconnected with Montessori Education. These adventures led  her to pursuing her masters in environmental education and her assistant Montessori certificate. 

Claire Cole, Lower Elementary

Claire is a life long Montessorian, having attended a Montessori school herself from age 2 through 12. She went on to an undergraduate degree in educational psychology at Princeton and a master's in teaching at Relay Graduate School of Education. She is currently earning her MACTE certification in Elementary Level I-II. Claire has 5 years prior teaching experience in diverse communities. 

WE Learn Apprenticeship

Urban Community Montessori and Urban Ministry of West End are partnering together for their WE Learn apprenticeship program. The We Learn program is for apprentices that are interested in pursuing careers in non-traditional education. The  program offers hands-on experience and continuing educational opportunities. The WE Learn apprenticeship is an Urban Ministry program.

"The teacher's task is first to nourish and assist, to watch, encourage, guide, induce, rather than to interfere, prescribe, or restrict." 

Maria Montessori